Help for Parents with Children and

Chapter 1
What is MySpace
Is Bad?
How will this report help me

Chapter 2
More Details on

Chapter 3
Preparing Yourself for

Chapter 4
Finding Your Child's Profile

Chapter 5
Advanced Ways to Search

Chapter 6
Create Your Own Profile

Chapter 7
MySpace Pages and Info on Them
Sample Survey placed on

Chapter 8
What else is on

Chapter 9
Changing Privacy Settings
Removing Personal Info from MySpace

Chapter 10
Advanced Ways to Hide Information

Chapter 11
Restricting Access to

Chapter 12
Using Filtering Software to Block Access

Chapter 13
Common Abbreviation and Acronyms
Mature Acronyms

Guidelines for Parents and Teens

References for Parents


Chapter 6: Creating Your Own Profile to Take a Closer Look

Follow the simple steps below to create your own profile so you can access all the options in and evaluate the site completely.

1. In your web browser, visit the following URL

2. Click on the Signup Link in the upper left corner of the screen

You’ll notice on the signup screen, that everything is required including, First and Last Name, Email Address, Country, Zip Code, Gender, and Birth Date. These items can be removed later but must be included initially to sign up.

3. After the initial signup, you are presented with an option to upload a photo. Skip this for now.

4. Next, you can invite friends to – a large part of how has grown so large is the ability to invite others to create a profile.

5. Now the profile is created and you are switched to the Edit Profile homepage where you can modify and customize your profile. Notice the My URL section. Write this down. This is the quickest way to get back to this profile. Although when you log into, you will land on this Edit Profile page.