Help for Parents with Children and

Chapter 1
What is MySpace
Is Bad?
How will this report help me

Chapter 2
More Details on

Chapter 3
Preparing Yourself for

Chapter 4
Finding Your Child's Profile

Chapter 5
Advanced Ways to Search

Chapter 6
Create Your Own Profile

Chapter 7
MySpace Pages and Info on Them
Sample Survey placed on

Chapter 8
What else is on

Chapter 9
Changing Privacy Settings
Removing Personal Info from MySpace

Chapter 10
Advanced Ways to Hide Information

Chapter 11
Restricting Access to

Chapter 12
Using Filtering Software to Block Access

Chapter 13
Common Abbreviation and Acronyms
Mature Acronyms

Guidelines for Parents and Teens

References for Parents


References for Parents

We produced this report based on our own experience as parents as well as information from the following excellent resources.

The following references may be helpful in finding more information about and ways to deal with it and your child.


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Tips for Parents From!/help/safety/parents

Other “Tips For Parents” Sites

Law Enforcement


A Parent’s Guide To Internet Safety published by the FBI

Federal Agencies

Missing Children

Most Wanted

Law Information

Emergency Contacts